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About Granuform

What is paraformaldehyde and what is produced with it ?

Paraformaldehyde (our tradename is Granuform® ) a solid form of formaldehyde. It is produced by a catalytic oxidation of methanol yielding an aqueous formaldehyde solution. This solution is concentrated and finally spray-dried to yield a solid polymeric form of formaldehyde which is called paraformaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is one of the most important basic chemicals and serves as starting material for many different chemical substances. Paraformaldehyde can be used in all applications of formaldehyde whereby the significantly lower water content is a big advantage as compared to the aqueous formaldehyde solution.

Paraformaldehyde is a white granulate or powder and is produced in our company since 1968. We sell Granuform in bags of 25 kg, flexible bigbags of 1000 kg or without packing materials in silo trucks or silo railcars. Customers in over 50 countries buy our product with emphasis in Europe.

Example for the uses of paraformaldehyde Granuform®:

  • Production of urea-, melamine- and phenol resins which find applications as automobile varnishes and industrial paints, surface coatings, foundry resins (see figure 1), particle boards (see figure 2), etc.;
  • Production of ion exchange resins, e. g. for water treatment;
  • Production of preserving agents (bactericides). e. g. for dyes, paints, varnishes, adhesives, lubricants;
  • Production of polysulfide-sealants for windows and watertight joints;
  • Production of triazine which is used in the removal of hydrogen sulphide in the earth gas gathering and the oil production
Abb. 1  Anwendung in Gießereiharzen

Fig. 1 Foundry Resin

Abb. 2  Herstellung von Spanplatten

Fig. 2 Particle Boards

Fig. 3 High performance coated abrasives

Fig. 3 High performance coated abrasives


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