Neuartige Abluftanlage für INEOS Granuform Betrieb

The INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co KG Life+ Project

Design, development and construction of a new type of waste air treatment unit for the Granuform-Plant

INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co KG developed und built an innovative waste air treatment unit for their Granuform plant with financial support from the European Union  (LIFE+-Project 11 ENV /DE/1073).

The project concept

Project aims, measures and results:

The aim of the project was the erection of a novel and efficient waste air treatment unit in the Granuform plant. This project was co-founded by the EU Environment programme. In the production of paraformaldehyde the existing exhaust air emissions from the sustances ammonia, formaldehyde, methanol and smelly substances are destroyed in the plant. In the future, low emission values can be achieved below the legal limit values. The novelty of this process is the operation of a so-called plasma-catalytic oxidation process in addition to the existing waste air washer units.

The aims and the effects in detail:

  1.  Removal to the greatest possible extent of the emissions of methanol and formaldehyde traces which cannot be removed by waste air washers.
  2.  Reduction of the process-related ammonia emissions and therefore a diminution of secondary particles consisting of ammonium- and nitrate compounds and other nitrogen containing harmful substances in the air which lead to an acidification of the soil and the water.
  3. Reduction of the emission of strong-smelling substances with intense odour which results in an improvement of the air quality in the surrounding area.
  4. Best use of the process energy in comparison with other oxidative methods and hence a positive influence on the CO2-emissions.

The installation of this novel waste air treatment technology can provide an essential contribution to the compliance with the legal limit values for noxious compounds according to the European Air Quality Guideline (Guideline 2008/50/EU of the European Parliament and the Commission as of May 21st, 2008 on air quality and clean air for Europe) and the topical strategy “Clean Air for Europe” with Guideline 2001/81/EU of the European Parliament and the Commission as of October 23rd, 2001 on national emission  limit values for certain air pollutants.

The best available techniques must be used which is demanded in the Guideline 2001/1/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of January 15th, 2008 on the integrated prevention and reduction of environmental pollution and also according to the subsequent guideline 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of November 24th, 2010 on industrial emissions. Presently for similar applications thermal incineration plants are described as standard technology. In comparison with this technology the newly developed waste air treatment unit for the emissions from the paraformaldehyde production is qualified in its technical concept and combination to improve and define anew the technology in the section of “Large Volume Organic Chemical Industries” since this plasma-supported catalytic oxidation process is improving and outperforming the presently known environmental standard technologies.

This novel waste air treatment process comprises a catalytic oxidation of the harmful substances in combination with a marked reduction of the required reaction temperature due to the integration of a plasma generator and also an optimised best-possible recovery of the waste heat. Hence the generation of the climate-damaging gas carbon dioxide can be minimised and a significant reduction of the harmful air pollutants is achieved by using this technology.

The process which is installed at INEOS Paraform is a prototype of this special waste air treatment technology and must be considered as a model for other future installations. In order to achieve this aim, publicity activities are undertaken to increase the awareness level of the process.

The process has been developed in cooperation with the company Rafflenbeul Ingenieure and the University of Szczecin/Poland to the prototype level and was installed with the help of the company Relox GmbH. Furthermore, this type of waste air treatment allows positive business prospects for the future of the company INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co KG at its facility in Mainz/Germany and safe-guards the workplaces.

We gratefully thank the European Union, who decided to support our development plan in the frame of the European initiative “LIFE+-Projects” and also the Ministry of the Environment of Rhineland-Palatinate for their support of our activities.

If you wish further information please address yourself to:

INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co KG, Contact person: Ralf Timimi, Hauptstrasse 30, Telephone +49 6131/621-118, D 55120 Mainz, or use the contacts form



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