Neuartige Abluftanlage für INEOS Granuform Betrieb

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Discussions with political representatives

Mrs. Dr. Lossen-Geißler, the mayor of Mainz-Mombach, invites officials from the public authorities and the companies with smell problems in the area (Nestlé, Cargill, INEOS Paraform, the municipal sewage plant) […]

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Picture 5: Cooperation with the Westpommeranian University of Szczecin/Poland, research group of Dr. Holub.


An expert team for plasma use exists at the University of Szczecin with whom a cooperation was agreed upon. Dr. Holub came with a member of this group to Rafflenbeul […]

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Dr. Hulob/University of Szczecin at Rafflenbeul Ing.

The research group of Dr. Holub/Westpommeranian University of Szczecin/Poland is specialised on plasma technology. Special experiments and tests are performed to optimise the destruction of the harmful pollutants in the […]

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Work on the Inception report

An inception report has to be written. The EU-Commission wants to be informed on the progress of the work and for what their money has been spent so far. Also […]

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Picture 4: The principle of the plasma generator construction using metal plates


A plasma generator which can produce a sufficient quantity of ions consists of an interconnection of a large number of metal plates which will become electrodes when the high voltage […]

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Picture 3: The main principle of the plasma generation


The result of the testing phase is the combination of two methods for the destruction of the harmful substances in the waste air from the paraformaldehyde plant: a) the impact […]

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Picture 2: Test unit at INEOS Paraform GmbH & Co KG in 2011


After successful tests in the laboratory a small unit was built and installed at the paraformaldehyde plant of INEOS Paraform GmbH &Co KG and used several months for testing purposes. […]

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Origin of the project and preliminary studies

In 2002 the German parliament decreed the “Clean Air Act” based on the European Air Quality Guideline 2008/50/EU. In this Clean Air Act, the emission limit values for formaldehyde, methanol […]

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Picture 1: Testing at the company Rafflenbeul Engineers during 2010/2011


  After the investigation of several other methods we got in contact with the company of Mr. Rafflenbeul and conducted testing at their facilities in Langen/Hessen. The picture provides an […]

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