Neuartige Abluftanlage für INEOS Granuform Betrieb

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Revision of the plant concept

The technical plans for the waste air purification unit are revised after offers from four companies for the construction of the unit have been obtained. The result is now a […]

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Selection of the deliverer of the waste air purification unit

The company Rafflenbeul is authorised to conduct the bidding process and to find the best suited provider. Six companies are approached to hand in their proposals. After intensive discussions on […]

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Installation of the transformer and the low voltage distribution board

The most important infrastructure measure for the operation of the waste air treatment unit is the securing of the electricity supply. Since the chambers are ready and the underground cable […]

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Picture 11: Installation of the transformer at the paraformaldehyde plant


An additional electricity supply is needed for the operation of the waste air treatment unit. This important infrastructure measure requires a new transformer and a new low voltage distribution board. […]

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Picture 10: Concept of a waste air purification unit with a honeycomb catalyst and a ceramic heat exchanger


When a ceramic heat exchanger is used, the heat recovery can reach over 90 %. This saves about 50 % of earth gas in comparison to the metal heat exchanger. […]

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The installation works at the paraformaldehyde plant begin

Starting signal for the construction works: The two chambers for the installation of the new transformer and the low voltage distribution boards are prepared and an underground high voltage cable […]

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Picture 9: Concept of a waste air purification unit using a pellet catalyst and a metal heat exchanger


The picture shows an apparatus which uses a pellet catalyst. The catalyst needs a temperature of about 250 °C. The heating is achieved with earth gas. The hot air which […]

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Picture 8: Honeycomb catalyst


Honey comb catalysts exhibit a much higher mechanical stability and will therefore have a much longer lifetime. In this type the catalytic active substance is applied onto a ceramic comb […]

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Picture 7: Pellet catalyst


The tests for finding an ideal catalytic process were first conducted using a pellet catalyst. This type of catalyst uses an inert support material as round spheres (“pellets”) on which […]

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Picture 6: Optimisation of the plasma process in early 2013


In early 2013 experiments and tests were performed in order to optimise the plasma process for INEOS Paraform’s emission problems using new sophisticated instrumentation and analytical methods. The plasma method […]

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